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HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) is a virus that damages

the cells for your immune gadget and weakens your capability to combat everyday infections and disorder.

AIDS (obtained immune deficiency syndrome) is the name used to describe a number of doubtlessly life-threatening infections and illnesses that appear whilst your immune system has been critically broken by way of the HIV virus.

at the same time as AIDS cannot be transmitted from one person to some other, the HIV virus can.

there may be presently no remedy for HIV, however there are very effective drug remedies that allow most people with the virus to live a protracted and wholesome life.

With an early prognosis and effective remedies, the general public with HIV may not broaden any AIDS-associated illnesses and could live a near-everyday lifespan.

signs of HIV infection
the majority experience a brief, flu-like illness 2-6 weeks after HIV infection, which lasts for a week or .

After these signs and symptoms disappear, HIV won't motive any signs and symptoms for decades, although the virus continues to harm your immune machine. this means many humans with HIV do not know they may be inflamed.

everybody who thinks they might have HIV have to get examined. certain businesses of humans are advised to have regular checks as they're at in particular high risk, inclusive of:

men who've intercourse with men
Black African heterosexuals
individuals who proportion needles, syringes or different injecting system
examine approximately signs and symptoms of HIV.

causes of HIV infection
HIV is determined within the frame fluids of an infected man or woman. This consists of semen, vaginal and anal fluids, blood, and breast milk.

it's a delicate virus and does not live to tell the tale outdoor the body for lengthy. HIV cannot be transmitted through sweat, urine or saliva.

The most commonplace way of having HIV inside the united kingdom is thru having anal or vaginal intercourse without a condom.

different ways of getting HIV consist of:

sharing needles, syringes or different injecting device
transmission from mom to baby during being pregnant, delivery or breastfeeding
The hazard of getting HIV thru oral sex may be very low and could be depending on many stuff, inclusive of whether you acquire or provide oral intercourse and the oral hygiene of the character giving the oral intercourse.

read about what reasons HIV.

Diagnosing HIV
are trying to find clinical recommendation as soon as possible if you assume you may had been exposed to HIV.

you can get examined in a number of locations, inclusive of at your GP surgical procedure, sexual health clinics, and clinics run through charities.

find HIV testing offerings near you

The only manner to find out when you have HIV is to have an HIV take a look at. This includes testing a pattern of your blood or saliva for symptoms of the contamination.

it is crucial to be conscious that:

emergency anti-HIV medicine known as submit-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) may stop you turning into infected if commenced inside seventy two hours of feasible exposure to the virus – it’s encouraged that you start it as quickly as possible, ideally inside 24 hours
an early prognosis method you can begin remedy sooner, that may improve your chances of controlling the virus, reduce the threat of turning into more ill and decrease the chance of passing the virus directly to others
both high quality and terrible HIV tests may need to be repeated 1 to a few months after ability exposure to HIV contamination (this is known as the window length), however you should not wait this lengthy to are seeking for help:

clinics might also offer a finger prick blood take a look at, which could give you a result in mins, but it is able to soak up to 3 days to get the consequences of a more targeted HIV check
home trying out or home sampling kits are to be had to buy on line or from pharmacies – depending at the sort of check you operate, your end result may be available in a few minutes or a few days
in case your first take a look at shows you have HIV, a in addition blood take a look at will need to be finished to confirm the result.

If that is advantageous, you will be referred to a expert HIV health facility for a few greater assessments and a discussion approximately your treatment alternatives.

read about diagnosing HIV.

treatment for HIV
Antiretroviral medications are used to treat HIV. They paintings by means of preventing the virus replicating within the frame, permitting the immune gadget to repair itself and preventing similarly harm.

these come within the shape of tablets, which need to be taken each day.

HIV is capable of expand resistance to a single HIV drug very without problems, but taking a combination of different tablets makes this a lot less in all likelihood.

most of the people with HIV take a aggregate of drugs – it's important those are taken each day as advocated by way of your physician.

The intention of HIV remedy is to have an undetectable viral load. this indicates the extent of HIV virus in your frame is low enough to now not be detected through a test.

examine approximately treating HIV.

residing with HIV
in case you're living with HIV, taking effective HIV treatment and being undetectable considerably reduces your chance of passing HIV directly to others.

you'll additionally be endorsed to:

take regular exercising
eat a healthful weight loss plan
forestall smoking
have yearly flu jabs to minimise the hazard of having serious ailments
with out treatment, the immune gadget will become seriously damaged, and life-threatening illnesses which include cancer and excessive infections can arise.

it's rare for a pregnant girl living with HIV to transmit it to her toddler, supplied she receives well timed and powerful HIV treatment and hospital therapy.

examine approximately residing with HIV.

stopping HIV
absolutely everyone who has intercourse with out a condom or shares needles is vulnerable to HIV contamination.

there are many powerful ways to save you or reduce the risk of HIV infection, such as:

the use of a condom for sex
post-publicity prophylaxis (PEP)
pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP)
treatment for HIV to reduce the viral load to undetectable
in case you use tablets, never sharing needles or other injecting equipment, inclusive of syringes, spoons and swabs
talk in your local sexual fitness health center or GP for further advice about the high-quality way to lessen your hazard.

study about stopping HIV.

For human beings with HIV, in case you've been taking effective HIV treatment and your viral load has been undetectable for 6 months or more, it way you can't pass the virus on thru intercourse. that is known as undetectable=untransmittable (U=U).
Haemochromatosis is an inherited situation in which iron tiers within the frame slowly increase over many years.

This build-up of iron, referred to as iron overload, can purpose unsightly symptoms. If it is not dealt with, this could damage parts of the frame together with the liver, joints, pancreas and coronary heart.

Haemochromatosis most customarily affects people of white northern european background and is in particular not unusual in nations in which masses of human beings have a Celtic background, which includes ireland, Scotland and Wales.

symptoms of haemochromatosis
signs of haemochromatosis usually begin among the ages of 30 and 60.

not unusual signs and symptoms include:

feeling very tired all the time (fatigue)
weight loss
weak spot
joint ache
in guys, an lack of ability to get or preserve an erection (erectile dysfunction)
in women, irregular durations or absent intervals 
study extra about signs of haemochromatosis.

whilst to peer your GP
See your GP if you have:

continual or annoying signs and symptoms that could be because of haemochromatosis – specially if you have a northern eu family historical past
a discern or sibling with haemochromatosis, even in case you don't have symptoms yourself – assessments may be finished to check if you're vulnerable to growing troubles
speak in your GP approximately whether you must have blood assessments to test for haemochromatosis.

examine greater approximately exams for haemochromatosis.

remedies for haemochromatosis
there's currently no remedy for haemochromatosis, but there are treatments that can reduce the amount of iron in the body and decrease the risk of harm.

There are two most important remedies.

phlebotomy – a system to take away a number of your blood; this will need to be done every week at first but may be done each few months as soon as your iron stage comes all the way down to ordinary
chelation therapy – in which you're taking medicine to lessen the quantity of iron for your frame; that is best used if it is no longer easy to often dispose of some of your blood
You do not need to make any massive adjustments for your weight loss program to govern your iron tiers if you're having remedy, however you'll typically be cautioned to keep away from:

breakfast cereals containing introduced iron
iron or nutrition C supplements
consuming an excessive amount of alcohol
study greater approximately how haemochromatosis is dealt with.

causes of haemochromatosis
Haemochromatosis is due to a faulty gene that influences how the body absorbs iron from food.

you are prone to developing the condition if each of your mother and father have this faulty gene and you inherit one reproduction from each of them.

You may not get haemochromatosis in case you handiest inherit one replica of the genetic fault, but there is a hazard you may skip the faulty gene on to any children you've got.

or even in case you do inherit  copies, you may not always get haemochromatosis. best a small quantity of people with two copies of this genetic fault will ever develop the situation. it is not clear exactly why that is.

examine greater approximately the reasons of haemochromatosis.

headaches of haemochromatosis
If the circumstance is recognized and dealt with early on, haemochromatosis does not have an effect on existence expectancy and is unlikely to result in serious issues.

however if it's not determined until it is more superior, the high iron degrees can harm components of the body.

this can cause potentially serious headaches, such as:

liver problems – such as scarring of the liver (cirrhosis) or liver most cancers
diabetes – wherein the extent of sugar within the blood becomes too excessive
arthritis – pain and swelling within the joints
coronary heart failure – where the heart is not able to pump blood across the body well

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